Got a problem

Can my pet have surgery the same day as the consultation?

Yes, we routinely do the consult that morning and admit your patient for same-day surgery. That is why we ask that you not allow your pet to eat or drink past 8 pm the evening prior to the appointment.

1What are my payment options?
We accept cash/check/ American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Discover. We offer financing options through Care Credit and ScratchPay. We require a deposit upon admission and the balance is due when you pick up your pet.
2Can follow-ups be done by my veterinarian?
Many of our patients come from out-of-state and it is not convenient for owners to come back to our office for follow-ups. Many times, your veterinarian can submit follow-up radiographs electronically for us to evaluate.
3Does Dr. Dean just do orthopedic surgery ?
No. He does all types of surgeries, including neurological procedures, as well as soft tissue surgeries.
4Can I have an afternoon appointment for my consult and leave my pet for surgery the next day?
Yes. We can keep pets here overnight. However, those requiring medical care are transported to the Animal Emergency Center, where there is 24-hour care. We provide detailed care instructions to the doctor in charge, so your pet will receive the best care possible. Pets are transported using AEC ambulance.
5Can I have my consultation, then schedule surgery another day.
Yes. We realize making the decision to get surgical care for your pet is a big decision. There are lots of things you need to consider. We will do whatever we can to provide you with the best information to help you make that decision. And we will be here to help you when you are ready.
6Do I need a referral.
No. Either you or your regular veterinarian can call our office to schedule a consultation.